Why you need a Gun Belt for concealed carry

Why you need a Gun Belt for concealed carry

 A Gun Belt is essential to a safe and comfortable carry.

You know the feeling all too well...constantly having to pull up your pants because the weight of your firearm on your hip is just too much for your department store belt to handle.  It can be annoying, uncomfortable and unsafe.  Even worse, you may choose to not bring your firearm with you everyday because the dress code may require your pants to be around your waist the entire day! Being more comfortable is only the beginning; there are plenty of reasons you must wear a gun belt if you are carrying a gun.

When people start carrying concealed they often focus on a lot on the firearm and very little on the gear to carry it. Some folks will invest in a solid holster, and that is always a good idea. What many people ignore is investing in a quality belt.

If you’ve carried a firearm for any stretch of time, then you realize with the wrong gear even the smallest gun can be uncomfortable. New concealed carriers go through a process of finding what gear works for them or just give up if it’s uncomfortable. Most users who give up never consider that a cheap pleather belt is often the cause of their discomfort.

This is where a good quality belt comes into play. Purpose built belts are often called gun belts. The term gun belt sounds like it comes from the wild west, but is probably the most important piece of gear in a concealed carry rig.

A gun belt supports the weapon and keeps it one position. The heavier the gun the stiffer the belt is the general rule of thumb. Gun belts prevent the gun and holster from sagging outwards, which may expose the weapon. A sagging holster and belt can also twist or catch when sitting down, especially in a car.

A belt that isn’t designed for concealed carry will often stretch due to the weight of your gun. This will make the gun sag and become uncomfortable. That’s the reason many are forced to constantly adjust their belts when carrying a gun. It quickly becomes too tight, but the section where you carry your gun will keep sagging.

When training with essential concealed carry basics like drawing you’ll begin to learn where your gun sits. As your belt sags that muscle memory of where your gun is will start leading you to a false grip, which in a time of stress could be disastrous.

A gun belt doesn’t have to scream tactical. In fact, there are many good gun belts that look as fashionable as any other leather belt. If you’ve never carried a gun with a solid gun belt you’ll be surprised by just how big a difference the belt will make. It’s a small investment compared to what you put into your firearm, and it makes a major difference.

Of course, we recommend a Relentless Tactical Gun Belt...

Each Relentless Tactical Gun Belt is individually made right here in the USA out of one solid slab of 14 oz. premium full grain US leather.  Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable type of leather available.  Other gun belts are made from “top grain leather” or “genuine leather” which may sound fancy but they are inferior grades to the full grain leather we use in each and every one of our belts. Most belt manufacturers use 2 thin pieces of leather stitched together in order to make the belt seem thick and sturdy and because the thick 14 oz. leather isn’t cheap.  This inferior construction method results in a belt that isn’t as strong as the solid one-piece belts we make.  Some of them even have the nerve to try to sell this as a good thing!  You will notice that two piece belts come with an inferior (if any) warranty and a restocking fee for returns.  All of our leather products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty because we make each and every piece like we were going to wear it home. Returns and exchanges are always free with Relentless Tactical including shipping! 

Don't wait until you learn the hard way, if you aren't wearing a gun belt with your concealed carry weapon you need to buy one today!


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  • I stand behind their gun belts I have tried other belts want mention any names lol
    Relentless gun belts are the best I have owned would not wear any other

    Alfred Lucas
  • I got my gun belt today and was totally blown away by the excellent quality and craftsmanship. I’ve had a few so called gun belts in my life and this one is by far the absolute BEST. Size is just right as well as the actual feel of the belt while wearing it is good as well. The people at Rentless Tactical are on the ball. When I ordered I received an email confirmation and through out the process I was informed of my order’s progress all the way to the time it was delivered. I have no problems and hope to order again as I need to.

    William Smith
  • I bought a gun belt at the gun show. I’m going to get another for special events. Kinda bad like a dress belt. They do make a big difference.

    Harry Gordon
  • Great information there is a lot of people don’t think you need a gun belt i cared for a year with out one never again

    Paul Harris
  • My belt sags and it takes a few seconds to get holstered.

    James Bice

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