You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, But A Good Sidearm Speaks Volumes

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, But A Good Sidearm Speaks Volumes

Although they come from all walks of life, from many diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and political and religious beliefs, there are common traits shared by those who identify themselves as gun owners.

First, they have foresight and an unblinking awareness of the world around them.

They might be confronted with the unexpected, but they're not going to be caught off-guard. They realize that the world is full of surprises, some good, others not so much. They believe in being prepared for either kind.

Second, they accept personal responsibility.

They are accountable for their actions. Not only do they accept the legal stipulations to which they must adhere, they understand the weight of responsibility that comes with the right of carrying an instrument of power. They appreciate the gravity of such a right, and take it seriously.

Also, they don’t expect others to do the “dirty work” that might be required. They grasp the importance of taking care of one’s family, property, and self, without depending on outside forces to do so.

Third, they take initiative. They understand that “hope” is not a game plan, and take steps to deal with things in life, both inevitable and unlikely.

They don’t wait for life to deliver; they are ready at any time. They appreciate the need to plan for every possible scenario, without having to wait until it occurs to find the tools and develop the skills necessary to deal with them.

Fourth, they see life as it is, not as they wish it was.

They may be wearing rose-colored shooting glasses, but they’re as clear as the finest crystal. They accept that not everything will go according to plan, and understand that some things have to be dealt with, not ignored or run away from.

Fifth, they appreciate life and the beautiful things in it.

Far from being violent and dwelling on the darker aspects of life, they enjoy the tranquility that can only come from a secure environment, and acknowledge the need to protect the things that make life worth living.

Sixth, they understand that fear means survival, not cowardice.

There are things in life that one should fear. Gun owners understand the need to act pragmatically on such fear, rather than surrender to it.

The know the only way to be free of fear is to recognize what engenders it, and alleviate the threat is poses.

Even the gun they carry should be, if left unattended or accessible to the wrong hands, feared.

But by safety measures, education, and training, they harness the power of a deadly weapon, making it an instrument of security.

Finally, the gun owner understands the value of people, actions, and ideas, rather than the value of “things”.

Though they may appreciate the science and artistry that goes into making a quality firearm, and the training and effort that goes into comfortably wielding such a device, they recognize that the gun is only a means to an end. Namely, protection from anyone or anything that would harm the people they love or restrict the values they treasure.

Being a gun owner means one is serious about enjoying life, with true gratitude and respect for those with whom it is shared.

Yay-hoos need not apply.

All others are welcome.

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