12 Things you need for survival during an emergency.

12 Things you need for survival during an emergency.

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  • I had to survive in the most devastating situations and places throughout the globe…….even natural disasters like Hurricane Andrew ….there is nobody to help you except yourself. Think about it…no shelter – no water -no food – no electricity – no telephones to call for help if you are threatened by a mob of bad people where you somehow have to protect your baby and wife, because there is just no military or police…so if you have at least a few tools out of the 12, it will make a difference of life and death. Thank you Relentless for educating your customers! I had too learn it the hard way.

    Rolf Nettesheim
  • For those that may not know this is a great basic start to ensure your safety. Having a plan and practicing it along with shelter to combat the elements. String to make a bow and arrows for food if need be or to defend your family.


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