Why do we use a roller buckle on our gun belts?

Why do we use a roller buckle on our gun belts?

We get asked a lot “Why do you use a roller buckle on your gun belts?”. There are two basic reasons we use the roller buckle. Keep reading to find out why! 


Tighter Fit 

When you are wearing a gun belt you want it to be snug around your waist.  A roller buckle allows you to smoothly tighten the belt around your waist without binding or bending the leather.  Some other more traditional belt buckles can cause the leather to cinch or bind when you try to pull it extra tight.  That extra tightness is especially necessary when carrying the extra weight of a firearm around your waist.  

Less Wear and Tear 

Since the roller buckle rolls over the leather instead of binding it, this causes less wear and friction to the belt. This means it will help your belt to last much longer and look better for years to come.  Of course all Relentless Tactical belts come backed by our Lifetime Warranty, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of it. 


You can always swap out the included roller buckle for any belt buckle designed for 1 1/2" belts if you prefer to change it. If you have any questions about gun belts, buckles or anything else just contact us and we will get you the answers you are looking for. 


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