The Top 5 Guns for Concealed Carry (According to this guy)

The Top 5 Guns for Concealed Carry (According to this guy)

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to choosing which gun is the "best". I think that everyone should take the time and effort to choose the one that is perfect for them, not the one that is top of someone else's list.  Your hand may fit better on a larger gun, or your preferred carry location may be better suited to a smaller 380.  


With that being said, I came across this video about the top concealed carry guns:

When it comes to carrying concealed, you have a lot of options.  My Top 5 list would definitely be a little different than the guy in the video, but I think he has a decent list. 

Did your favorite gun make the list?  

What do you carry everyday?  

Let me know in the comments. 


  • My EDC is a Glock 26 and 19. They are accurate and reliable in everyday carry use. Next on my list is Sig P365, Smith and Wesson 9mm Shield and last is my Smith 442/ 38+p revolver. This is my top five.

    Jimmy Wayne Hurst
  • I have a Ruger LC9S which is my first pistol. I love the trigger and shoot ability of the gun

    Scott Youmans
  • I like my Sig P226 Elite 9 MM! Very accurate👌

    Terry Stewart
  • FN 509 Midsize is my EDC. Reliable, accurate, very concealable (G-19 sized), 15 round mags, excellent grip, very good trigger, night sights are standard equipment. It’s not my “Gucci” gun, but for every day use and abuse … I love it.

  • I carry a sign saur 40caliber and it Trump’s my 9m all day long ,a extremely accurate weapon and light on the carry

    Jeff holt

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