The Best Gifts for Gun Guys (and Gals!)

The Best Gifts for Gun Guys (and Gals!)

Thanksgiving is late this year which means there’s already less than one month until jolly old Saint Nick starts slipping down chimneys across the globe. Because Christmas is nearly here, that means for many of us that it’s time to start shopping for the gun owners in our lives (whether ourselves, or a loved one). But, what to buy ... what to buy? 

If you have no idea where to start, this article is meant to help you on your way to buy that gift for the gun owner who seemingly has everything. Here are a few gift ideas for gun owners.


Gun Belt

We are firm believers that everyone who conceals a gun on their body should have a proper concealed carry belt to go along with it. A gun belt is oftentimes one of the most overlooked pieces of gear when thinking about concealed carry. 

The average belt you buy at your local big box store isn’t meant to support any extra weight which can cause undesired problems like sagging, and then printing or, even worse, the gun moving a bit. 

Every concealed carrier should have a gun belt that is meant to hold the extra weight of a firearm, extra mags, etc.

In fact, after the gun and holster, this is the next item you should buy and you can find our best selling gun belts here

Range Bag

A dedicated range bag is essential to anyone serious about training, whether they believe that to be true, or not. In fact, not having a dedicated range bag can cause issues for the gun owner. 

For example, if the range bag doubles as a travel bag, going through security at the airport with ammo that ended up in the bottom can cause problems. Therefore, this item is a necessity for any gun owner.

While just using a duffle bag or backpack will work short term, having a dedicated range bag with proper storage for everything you’d need is even better. When everything has its own spot, it’ll help the shooter to know when something is missing, out of place, or if more of something (like targets) need to be re-ordered. 

A range bag is an excellent gift idea for a gun owner who has everything else. 

Cleaning Kit

While it may not seem like it, gun cleaning kits do wear out. Brushes get bent out of shape, oil is used, and the other parts have a habit of disappearing. 

Because of that, a gun cleaning kit is a great gift for a gun owner that they may not even know they need until they see all the shiny new items they’ve been doing without.

If they don’t need an entire kit, buying some things to help supplement a kit may be a good idea, too. Things like armorer’s tools, bore snakes, a big bottle of gun oil, and the like, are all things that will be well received. 

Furthermore, many gun owners have more than one kit that they use. They might have a portable one in their range bag, as well as one at their main gun cleaning station. If your gun owner only has one for his cleaning station, buying a portable one is a great idea.

Gift Card

Sometimes, people who’ve been at this hobby for a while just have everything, or so it seems. For this purpose, gift cards were developed. A gift card to your gun owner’s favorite online or brick and mortar shop will come in handy. 

If they’ve been eyeing that new concealed carry pistol, ammunition, holster, or whatever it is, but lacked the funds to do so, a gift card will help you put the choice in their hands to buy whatever it is they were after.  

Most retailers offer gift cards these days. Ours, for example, can be found here




Proper shooting targets are another one of those things that many people take for granted. If you own a piece of property where you can go shooting, getting good steel targets is an excellent idea because you likely shoot more than the average person does. 

If not, having good, reactive paper targets that show your hits are also a good addition to the range bag. While this is the least appealing gift on this list, gun owners always need targets. 

Gun Holster

A new gun holster can also be a good gift for a gun owner, especially if it’s for a gun they don’t own a holster for yet and want to start carrying it. Choosing a good gun holster isn’t always the easiest thing to do, though. 

We always recommend reading the reviews of the holster and brand whenever you’re looking at a new one. This extends beyond what is seen on a company website because this can be manipulated easier than Amazon can.

We always recommend reading through several reviews before clicking the buy button to ensure you’re not getting a bad product. 

Of course we sell holsters, and they can be found on this page.


This is another perishable item (hopefully) that gun owners need. Every gun owner needs to get to the range on a regular basis to help improve their skills. 

If you know what kind/caliber of ammo they need, you can go ahead and buy them some. Any gun owner would be thrilled with this gift. 

Holiday Shopping Tips

Most of the major ecommerce websites and even local gun shops will be participating in some sort of Black Friday Sale. It’s smart to have an idea of where you plan to purchase your presents beforehand, to help you save time and energy. 

While Cyber Monday used to be more prevalent, and it still is with the bigger stores, many of the smaller companies just start on Black Friday, and run through Cyber Monday which gives you the best deals at your fingertips, regardless. 

These days, it’s much easier to just do your shopping online instead of having to go deal with the crazies. You can still get great deals on the stuff you need from the comfort of your home.

For example, our store will have 25% off EVERYTHING sitewide. It doesn’t get much better than that.  Just use the Discount Code: 19BFCM25 to access the 25% Discount for our 2019 Black Friday Sale.

Our Black Friday sale is expired but join our mailing list to get access to all of our special sales!

It’s our hope here at Relentless Tactical that you have a great holiday season! 

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