Our Response the the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Response the the COVID-19 Pandemic


My name is Billy and I am one of the owners of Relentless Tactical. I am sure you have been getting a ton of emails and messages from everyone you ever have done business with telling you what they are doing to combat and deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. I guess it is our turn to do the same....

This virus is impacting us all in unprecedented ways. Please be patient while we work to support our customers during this very difficult time.

Due to the COVID-19 virus "Shelter in place" has been enacted by our Governor here in Michigan. We have been reduced to "Minimum Basic Operations" here at Relentless Tactical. Because of this we are having all of our employees stay at home.

The only people which will be reporting to work are myself and the other owner of the company, Kyle.

We will still be able to process orders. If you place an order with Relentless Tactical we will make every effort to get your item shipped out to you in a timely manner. We normally get orders shipped out to you within 1 business day and often the same day you place the order. Due to this drastic reduction in staffing, we may need an extra day or two to get the shipment on its way.

While most orders are usually fulfilled from our warehouse directly to you, we may use other fulfillment providers and / or shipping companies. That means your order might take a little longer to arrive than it usually would or it might show up in an Amazon box. As the shipping companies and mail carriers get bogged down, they may experience delays on their end as well. Please be patient.

As long as UPS, FedEx and the US Mail keep running, we will keep doing our best to get your orders out the door in a timely manner. We have been having some delays at our local mail sorting facility due to employees there getting diagnosed with the virus.  This seems to be causing some extra delays in shipping times. 

Here is the good news:

Relentless Tactical's products and supply chain are all right here in the USA. We will be able to continue to make awesome products for you even while a lot of our competitors go out of stock because of importing delays from China.

Relentless Tactical's customer service team is still 100% operational! Since we started, we have been committed to providing flexible work to stay at home moms. Our customer service team has always and still is working from home. We have been seeing a large influx in the amount of issues, so please be patient as it may take longer than usual to get a response. 

Relentless Tactical's motto is "Always Prepared, Never Surrender". With a name like Relentless you know we will keep driving forward no matter the challenges. We fully anticipate being a better company when we come out the other side of a crisis.

All of this is, of course, subject to change. We are in uncharted territory and as we move forward we will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest information we have.

If you have any specific questions about this or any other issue you can always contact our amazing customer service team by sending an email to info@relentless-tactical.com

Thank you and stay safe out there! 


- Billy

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  • Hey , I would first like to thank you and your staff for your dedication to your customers.
    2nd I hope you your staff and there families stay healthy.
    3rd about a week ago or less I was on your websight looking for a leather shoulder holster for my 1911 45 full size pistol. I’ve had 4 back surgeries and a SCS Implant. Needless to say all my waist holsters are too painfull to wear anymore. A friend told me about your shoulder holsters and the high quality leather used. So needless to say and just my luck you were sold out. But I asked to be notified when you get some in and boom got an email sometime yesterday and I jumped in there about 2am and ordered one.. 830 am this morning I recieved a shipping number saying it’s on the way.. I would like to think you guys. As a Veteran I look for top shelf items to continue my roll as a civilian in protecting my loved ones and my roll as a Sheepdog protector of those around me. God bless you guys , God bless the US , and I back the BLUE. PEACE and thanks again.

    Thomas Ragland
  • While I havent bought a holster directly from you, I purchased 2 secound hand in an estate sell and I absolutely hands down love them… now fast forward after 4 back surgeries I cannot wear a belt due to nerve pain. Add my 1911 and two clips and it’s almost unbearable. I am number 2 man in an armed safety team for our church. So I’m going to purchase a shoulder rig from you brown or black color wont be an issue. I have already requested to be notified when in stock.. I appreciate the quality of your product and cant wait add the shoulder holster to my everyday wardrobe. 5 out 5 star.

    Thomas Ragland
  • Right-handed 45 Ruger 1911

    George Murphy
  • I would like to order the 2 mag holder for 9mm. Just let me know how to order,price,etc. Thanks

  • Hang in there guys and gals. It’s gonna get better! I respect your dedication.

    William Cooper

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