Relentless Tactical Holsters The Ultimate 3 Slot OWB Leather Gun Belt Holster - J-Frame & 38 special - Lifetime Warranty J Frame Right Handed / Black

The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster | 3 Slot Pancake Style Belt Holster | Handmade in the USA! | J-Frame & 38 special - Lifetime Warranty

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  • PROUDLY HANDMADE IN THE USA! Made from genuine US cowhide leather.
  • VERSATILE 3 SLOT PANCAKE DESIGN! PERFECT FOR OPEN CARRY OR CONCEALED CARRY! Use straight drop or butt forward cant. Wear strong-side, cross-draw or behind-the-hip comfortably.
  • SAY NO TO CHEAP NYLON HOLSTERS! Highest quality leather belt holster pleases even the most demanding gun owner.
  • EFFECTIVE CONCEALMENT WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT! Pre-curved to fit close to body while still providing easy access.
  • THE BEST LEATHER GUN HOLSTER AVAILABLE! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you want the best, buy The Ultimate.
Relentless Tactical Presents The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster!
When you are serious about carrying your handgun you know that cheap, generic, Chinese made holsters just don't cut it. If you are looking for the highest quality leather, US made holster to wear with The Ultimate Concealed Carry Belt you have come to the right place. The traditional pancake leather holster has 3 slots for nearly every carry situation. You can wear it strong side with a straight drop or you can wear it butt-forward for a quick cross-draw. It will even work for behind-the-hip carriers. The open muzzle design allows for a variety of slide lengths. The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster's versatility allows you to maintain maximum comfort while still offering a very quick draw and presentation if you ever need it and isn't that the most important thing?
The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster will only be available at this price for a limited time and it is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! What do you have to lose? Buy The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster by Relentless Tactical today!

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