Relentless Tactical Holsters Hidden Agenda Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster - Fits All Handguns Midnight Black / Small (24-28 inches) / With Zipper

Hidden Agenda Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster - Fits All Handguns

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  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA WITH MILITARY GRADE MATERIALS! LIFETIME WARRANTY! Wear The Hidden Agenda Belly Band holster with pride! No imported junk here! Compare us to them and you will see why “Made In USA” still matters! If you are ever unhappy with this holster for any reason just let us know and we will replace it at absolutely no cost to you.
    • CARRY VIRTUALLY ANY HANDGUN WITH TOTAL COMFORT AND MAXIMUM CONCEALMENT! Beretta, Bersa, Browning, Charter Arms, Colt, CZ, FN, Glock, H&K, Hi Point, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Kimber, Remington, Rock Island, Ruger, SCCY, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, Walther, Wilson Combat & More! Full Size, Mid Size, Compact & Sub-Compact; They all fit!
    • BE READY FOR ANY MISSION AND EVERY SITUATION! KEEP CARRYING LONGER! The best holster is the one that is comfortable enough to keep you wearing it all day, every day.  Keep you and your family safe by having your sidearm and extra magazine ready no matter what! Great for all of your EDC gear too!  
    • AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN CAN BE ROTATED TO WORK FOR BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT HAND AT ANY POSITION AROUND THE HIPS, WAIST OR CHEST! Use for appendix, strong side hip, behind hip, small of back, cross draw or even OWB carry. Uniquely designed grip-strip nylon backing keeps your gun in place without the need for a clumsy retention strap. Sweat blockers on the inside keep you cool and your weapon dry. Available with or  without an additional zipper pocket to carry personal items.
    • MEASURE AROUND YOUR WAIST TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE. Don’t use the size of your pants. Use a tape measure or string to measure around your waist at the point you plan to wear the holster to find your size.


              The Hidden Agenda Belly Band Holster by Relentless Tactical
              You carry a gun for one reason, Safety.
              The best holster you can own is the one that you are going to carry everyday. That is where the Hidden Agenda Belly Band holster comes in. Made in the USA of Military Grade materials, this holster keeps you ready for action by being comfortable enough for extended use. There are plenty of other belly band holsters on the market today. Nearly all of them are mass produced overseas of the cheapest materials possible. That just isn’t the way that we do it over here at Relentless Tactical. We always go with nothing but the best materials and we don’t cut corners. Their Chinese junk may be a little cheaper, but ours will last a lifetime.

              Lifetime Warranty
              Relentless Tactical products are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. If your product ever starts to rip, tear, fold, separate or otherwise fall apart from normal everyday use Relentless Tactical will repair or replace it at our discretion.

              Made in the USA
              Each Relentless Tactical product is individually Made in the USA. We believe that you should be able to support American businesses without breaking the bank. Because we distribute our products online instead of having a traditional "brick and mortar" store, we are able to offer great pricing and tremendous value to our customers without cutting corners or manufacturing overseas.

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