Relentless Tactical Tactical Accessories Tac-Strapz Glasses Retainer System - Universal Fit for any Shooting / Safety or Sunglasses Adjustable / Black

Tac-Strapz Glasses Retainer System - Universal Fit for any Shooting / Safety or Sunglasses

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  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY, READY FOR ANY MISSION! Tac-Strapz are designed and built to be the toughest eyewear retainer system on the planet.
  • PATENT PENDING DESIGN & MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Compare us to the competitors who are cheaply mass-produced overseas with bulky, easily-breakable connectors and cheap materials. You will see the quality of our design, craftsmanship and you will notice what a difference using the highest quality materials makes.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If it ever breaks or fails, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. No fine print, no catch.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND YOUR EYES! Your safety / shooting glasses, eyeglasses or sunglasses can cost a lot of money and nothing is worse than having them fall off your head and get scratched or worse yet lost. Guard against that happening ever again with the Tac-Strapz!
  • MADE FROM WOVEN STAINLESS STEEL AND ANODIZED ALUMINUM! Ready for range day or wear them on duty, off-duty, hunting, fishing, camping, survival, hiking or just for every day. Tac-Strapz will stand up to whatever comes your way. Great for Law Enforcement as well!
Tac-Strapz by Relentless Tactical - Tac-Strapz are the perfect addition to your range bag or your every day rig.
Work or Play nothing can stop Tac-Strapz! Our patent pending design and world class materials guarantee they are nearly indestructible. Of course if you do manage to destroy a pair, you have the Lifetime Warranty to fall back on!
The coated straps do not soak up sweat, bleach out in the sun, soak up odors, fray or look dirty even after prolonged use. The perfect solution to keep your eyes safe and away from the sun during your favorite outdoor activities.
If you are trying to land a monster fish or take down a buck with a huge rack or just trying to put a nice grouping on target feel free to take the safety off and fire away and feel secure that your shades will stay right where they belong.
Heavy duty materials and a lightweight design work together to make sure you barely notice them most of the time but they are strong enough to come through when you need them, for a lifetime.

Tac-Straps will only be available at this low introductory price for a limited time. They are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so what do you have to lose? Buy Tac-Strapz by Relentless Tactical Today!

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